Using Technology to Improve Small Farming in Brazil

That's the valuable thing of this course … to hear other opinions…. If you stay on your own path you're blind to what is new or outside, and that prevents you [from] innovation.

 —Aline Pezente, SFMBA '18

Project Overview

Aline Pezente used every opportunity at MIT in the Sloan Fellows MBA program to learn about blockchain technologies, AI, and analytics to develop a detailed and carefully examined plan based on a linked set of evolving algorithms that will improve the way farmers, no matter how small their farm, sell their products, as well as what they choose to grow and how they farm. Improving access to credit and useful information by leveraging satellite, ground sensor, financial, and market data could increase both the fairness and the quality of financing and market access for farmers in her native Brazil—including in the Amazon where sustainable crops that coexist with the rain forest could improve the environment and communities’ lives and maintain biodiversity.

Aline found allies and advisors in faculty, alumni, and students at MIT, Harvard, BU, and elsewhere, enrolling many in her efforts.

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Aline Introduces Her Project in Portuguese

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