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A global community of learners and educators 

MIT OpenCourseWare receives tens of millions of visits each year, with over two-thirds of visits from outside North America. (Map data from 2020) 


OCW is a valued resource for educators, students, professionals, and independent self-learners.



MIT OpenCourseWare supports people in many ways

Data from 2015 user survey

Use Scenario % of Use
Educators Improve personal knowledge 50%
Learn new teaching methods 15%
Incorporate OCW materials into a course 19%
Find reference material for my students 8%
Develop curriculum for my department or school 5%
Students Enhance personal knowledge 42%
Complement a current course 31%
Plan a course of study 24%
Professionals Expand my personal knowledge 47%
Review basic concepts in my professional field 25%
Support a work-related project or task 16%
Keep current with developments in my field 8%
Self Learners Learn for personal enjoyment 48%
Prepare for future course of study 24%
Keep current with developments in my field 12%
Support other informal studies, e.g. complement MOOCs 8%


MIT OpenCourseWare has significant impact

  • Educators: 85% say OCW has improved their motivation to teach, and 96% say it's improved their motivation to keep learning
  • Students: for those using OCW to complement their current studies, 94% say OCW improved their understanding of important concepts 
  • Self-Learners: 92% of those planning a return to school say that OCW increased their confidence of success 
  • Professionals: 100% say OCW increased their professional motivation, and 94% say OCW helped them learn new skills, techniques or perspectives 


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Impact of OCW

The impact of OCW can be best described by the thousands of learners who use OCW every day. We welcome you to read a compilation of some of the inspirational feedback we've received over the years.