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The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

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The Frank N. Stanton Foundation




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Bain & Company

Google Grants

Andreas Ramos

Seagate, Inc

United Nations Development Programme


Supporter Profiles

Larry Birenbaum
The Class of 2009
Jon Gruber
John Klug
Abhay Parekh
Gene Sprouse



Individual Supporters

MIT OpenCourseWare is grateful to the thousands of individuals who support our work and are committed to knowledge as a public good. These donations enable us to continue to create MIT educational materials that broaden educational opportunities and change lives.

We also appreciate the learners who share with us the impact OCW has made in their lives:


“When I was in high school I had close to a 4.0 GPA, and I had planned to go to college. Unfortunately tragedy struck when my father died one year before I would have graduated, and consequently I was not even able to finish high school (I later got a GED). After that happened, life got away from me, and the prospects of my going to college disappeared. Nearly ten years later, in spite of my busy schedule, I was finally able to learn Calculus I thanks to these great lectures and course materials that are online. I feel that a previously closed door has been reopened to me.” — Carl, USA


“I have a mental disorder, and I cannot study in a traditional university setting.MIT OCW made it possible for me to follow university courses despite of my disorder. I am really grateful for this. It gave me back some part of my life that I had not expected to experience anymore.” — Monika, Hungary


“It’s great having online courses available to every person from one of the best universities of the world. MIT has always been very focused towards its goal of providing education to all sections of the society and I hope this reaches bigger heights. I am currently going through Quantum Physics I (8.04) and Introduction to Computer Science (6.00SC). My school doesn't provide any such courses or classes on these topics. I always wanted to be a physicist and computer scientist. And MIT OCW is helping me greatly achieve my goals in life. Again, from my deepest sense of gratitude, I thank all of MIT for their years of teaching excellence.” — Satya, India


Thank you to our donors for supporting MIT OpenCourseWare.

We offer our OCW Sustainers a special thank you for committing to OCW’s long-term sustainability by contributing to OCW on a monthly or annual basis.

Corey Abshire
Nagesh Adluru
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Brian Bowman
Justin Carrillo
Carol Chapman
Teddy Crepineau
Sushil Da Silva
Lincoln Dalgado
Dave Douglas
William Drury
Michael Dubrovsky
Olaitan Eyiowuawi
Hussein Fares
Aboo Fatally
Gina Fridley
Ruben Gutierrez-Priego
Achmad Hamid
Andrea Harman
David Herold
John Hobach
Marcel Hopman
Jonathan Willis Jarvis
Hayssam Hajar
Patrick Johns
Ulrich Kausch
Hans-Juergen Kiesow
Chansoo Kim
Stewart King
Olga Kuhn
Kevin Larsen
Melissa Lau
Yanlok Lau
Yimeng Li
Jackie Liu
Yuan Liu
Dale Logan
Oyvind Rosholdt Lorentzen
Kevin Manning
Jerome Massot
Stacy Jo Mcdermott
Gary Miloglav
Masis Nguyen
Steve Peck
William Pohlmann
Guruprasad Rao
Aravind Reddy
Kody Rogers
Adalgisa Rooney
Resve Saleh
Budi Santoso
Sanjaya Saxena
Shaerdan Shataer
Sean Silva
Bijaya Singh
Jason Slibeck
Dr. Richard Soley
Sudhesh Srivastava
Michael Stanway
Eugene Stark
Martijn Stegeman
Katsuyoshi Terasawa
Satu Thundathil
Adil Tobaa
Artur Tomczynski
Colleen Vanhoff
Roderick White
Thomas Wilson
Shengmao Zhu
Shun Zhu
Fabian Zuehlke



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