Cognitive Neuroscience

fMRI image showing right and left side brain activations.

Observed activity in the brain during mental imagery of non-musical, complex sounds. Unlike during actual perception of a complex sound, when both the primary and secondary auditory cortices are activated, only the secondary auditory cortex is activated. (Image courtesy of Elsevier, Inc., ScienceDirect. Used with permission.)


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Spring 2006



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Course Description

This course explores the cognitive and neural processes that support attention, vision, language, motor control, navigation, and memory. It introduces basic neuroanatomy, functional imaging techniques, and behavioral measures of cognition, and discusses methods by which inferences about the brain bases of cognition are made. We consider evidence from patients with neurological diseases (Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease, Balint's syndrome, amnesia, and focal lesions from stroke) and from normal human participants.

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