Resource Index

1 Introduction: Challenges and Opportunities
1.1 Introduction to the Course and the 15.662x Team

1.1.1 Video: Introduction to the Course

1.1.2 Video: Meet Professor Kochan and the 16.662x Team

1.1.3 Video: Week 1 Introduction

1.2 Challenges and Opportunities as You Enter the Workforce

1.2.1 Video: A Message from U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez to the Next Generation Workforce

1.2.2 Video: Animated Version of the Evolution History of Work

1.2.3 Video: A Message from AFL-CIO Secretary Treasurer Liz Shuler

1.2.4 Video: A Message from Lee Dyer to HR Professionals

1.2.5 Video: A Message from Guy Ryder, ILO Director-General

1.2.6 Video: The Millennial Generation's Views on their World of Work

1.2.7 Video: Current Challenges and Opportunities

1.2.8 Video: All Innovations Are Local

1.2.9 Video: Managing Societal and Workplace Conflicts: Interview with Mary Rowe

1.3 For More Information...

1.3.1 Additional Resources (videos)

1.3.2 Around the World (links)

2 The Old Social Contract
2.1 What Made the Old Social Contract Work and Why did It Break Down?

2.1.1 Video: Week 2 Introduction

2.1.2 Video: The New Deal at Work

2.1.3 Video: The Post-War Social Contract

2.1.4 Video: PDC: Early Childhood Education for All

2.1.5 Video: Social Contracts, Past and Present

2.1.6 Video: Careers and Competencies with Professor Lee Dyer

2.2 For More Information... 2.2.1 Additional Resources (article and video)
3 Innovations in the 1980s and Beyond
3.1 Out of Crisis: Innovations in the 1980s and Beyond

3.1.1 Video: Week 3 Introduction

3.1.2 Video: What Changed in the 1980s and Why Should We Care?

3.1.3 Video: The Purpose of the American Corporation

3.1.4 Video: The Changing Role of the Corporation

3.1.5 Video: The Rise and Fall of Saturn

3.1.6 Video: High Performance Work Systems

3.1.7 Video: Market Basket Case with Zeynep Ton

3.1.8 Video: Holding Global Corporations Accountable

3.1.9 Video: Alternatives to the Traditional Corporation

3.1.10 Video: High School and College: Necessary but Not Sufficient

3.1.11 Video: Life Long Learning: Moving from Rhetoric to Reality

3.2 Around the World

3.2.1 Video: Role of the Corporation in Different Societies

3.2.2 Video: Interview with Ms. Nazma Akter

3.3 For More Information... 3.3.1 Hitachi Foundation Website (link)
4 New Emerging Models
4.1 New Firms, New Jobs, New Technology, and the Future of Work

4.1.1 Video: Week 4 Introduction

4.1.2 Video: What Occupations are Growing?

4.1.3 Video: Emerging Forms of Work

4.1.4 Video: Uber Case Study

4.1.5 Video: Interview with Jianming Zhou and Ryder Pearce

4.1.6 Video: Interview with Erik Brynjolfsson

4.1.7 Video: Interviews with Barbara Dyer and Scott Stern

4.1.8 Video: MIT Technology Conference with Meryam Bukhari

5 The Worker Voice and Advocacy
5.1 Emerging Models of Worker Voice and Advocacy

5.1.1 Video: Week 5 Introduction

5.1.2 Video: The Decline of Unions in the United States

5.1.3 Video: Emerging Models of Worker Advocacy

5.2 For More Information... 5.2.1 Additional Resources (videos and links)
6 The Social Contract Negotiation Exercise
6.1 Social Contract Negotiations Exercise

6.1.1 Video: Week 6 Introduction

6.1.2 Video: A Guide to the Next Generation Social Contract Negotiations Exercise

7 Student Reports on Their Plans for Action
7.1 Live Event Presentation 7.1.1 Video: Discussion of Students Reports on Their Plans for Action