[Kochan] = Kochan, Thomas A. Shaping the Future of Work: What Future Worker, Business, Government, and Education Leaders Need To Do For All To Prosper. Business Expert Press, 2015. ISBN: 9781631574016. [Selected chapters of this book are provided below.]

1 Introduction: Challenges and Opportunities as You Enter the Workforce

[Kochan] Chapter 1: The Next Generation's American Dream: What Can Be Done to Achieve It? (PDF), pp. 1–24.

Around the World Reading: "Key Indicators of the Labor Market (KILM)." International Labour Organization, 2015.

2 The Old Social Contract: What Made It Work and Why did It Break Down?

We Have Been Here Before—The New Deal and Where the Ideas for it Came From: "The New Deal." (PDF)

[Kochan] Chapter 2: The Post War Social Contract (PDF), pp. 25–45.

3 Out of Crisis: Innovations in the 1980s and Beyond

"From Steady State to Atrophy." (PDF)

"What Changed in the 1980s and Why." (PDF)

4 New Emerging Models: New Firms, New Jobs, New Technology, and the Future of Work

"The Rise and Fall of Saturn." (PDF)

"'High Road' and 'Low Road' Strategies and the Birth of High Performance Work Systems." (PDF)

Alternative Models of Governance: "New Charters / Governance Models." (PDF)

"Global Firms: Can We Hold Them Accountable?" (PDF)

[Kochan] Chapter 5: A New Age of Innovation? (PDF), pp. 93-100.

5 Emerging Models of Worker Voice and Advocacy

"Preparing for and Shaping the Future of Work and Organizations." (PDF)

[Kochan] Chapter 5: A New Age of Innovation? (PDF), pp. 100-106.

6 The Social Contract Negotiation Exercise

No readings

7 Student Reports on Their Plans for Action

No readings