The following are examples of work done by several MIT students. (Courtesy of MIT students. Used with permission.)

Talking Points

Like Water for Chocolate 1 (PDF)

Like Water for Chocolate 2 (PDF)

Caramelo 1 (PDF)

Caramelo 2 (PDF)

Frida (PDF)

Paradise 1 (PDF)

Paradise 2 (PDF)

Paradise 3 (PDF)

Paula (PDF)

Sin Nombre (PDF)

Song of the Water Saints (PDF)

When I Was Puerto Rican (PDF)

Journal Entries

Journal 1: (PDF)

Journal 2: When I Was Puerto Rican (PDF)

Journal 3: Real Women Have Curves (PDF)

Journal 4: Caramelo (PDF)

Journal 5: Dreaming in Cuban (PDF)

Journal 6: Paula (PDF)

Journal 7: Song of the Water Saints (PDF)

Midterm Essays

"Socialization of Sex in Latina Culture" (PDF)

"Balance of Values and Independence" (PDF)

"Intra-familial Relationships in Latin American Culture as represented in Caramelo and When I Was Puerto Rican." (PDF)

Final Essays

"Predetermined Social Roles and Their Effect on the Individual" (PDF)

"Portrayal of History: Looking at Political Influences in Dreaming with Cuba, Paula, and La Historia Oficial (PDF)

"Feminist Ideology Expressed in Latina Works" (PDF)

Final Presentation

"Feminist Ideology in Selected Works of Fiction" (PDF)