1 First generation Latinas: Code-switching and storytelling  
2 Mother-daughter and other kinship ties Journal response to readings due
Coming-of-age narratives: Semi-autobiographical fiction
3 When I Was Puerto Rican Talking points on When I Was Puerto Rican due
4 When I Was Puerto Rican, (cont.) Journal entry on When I Was Puerto Rican due
First generation conflicts
5 Film: Real Women Have Curves Talking points on Real Women Have Curves due
The abuela figure in Chicana experience
6 Caramelo Talking points on Caramelo due
7 Caramelo, (cont.) Research summary on women in the Mexican revolution due (1 page)
Border crossings
8 Caramelo, (cont.) Journal on Caramelo due
9 Film: Quinceañera Talking points on Quinceañera due
Roots and revolution
10 Dreaming in Cuban Talking points on Dreaming in Cuban due
11 Dreaming in Cuban, (cont.)

Midterm essay due

Juxtaposing texts (5-6 pages) due

Political voices

Women of Smoke: Latin American Women in Literature and Life.

Film: Las Madres de La Plaza de Mayo/The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo

Research summary on Las Madres de La Plaza de Mayo due

Student presentation contextualizing Las Madres de La Plaza de Mayo due

13 Film: The Official Story Talking points on The Official Story due
Kinship and loss
14 Paula Talking points on Paula due
15 Paula, (cont.) Journal on Paula due
Childhood and up-rootedness
16 Paradise Talking points on Paradise due
17 Paradise, (cont.) Journal on Paradise due
Family sagas
18 Like Water for Chocolate Journal on Like Water for Chocolate due
19 Individual screening: Like Water for Chocolate  
Biography-writing Latina's lives
20 Individual screening: Frida Talking points on Frida due
Contemporary Latina writers
21 Song of the Water Saints Talking points on Song of the Water Saints due
22 Song of the Water Saints, (cont.) Journal on Song of the Water Saints due
Other perspectives
23 Film: Sin Nombre  
24 Film: Girlfight  
The diverse Latina experience
25 and 26 Final project presentations