Mary Baine Campbell

A headshot of a white woman with grey hair in a white collared shirt.Mary Baine Campbell is a professor in English, Comparative Literature, and Women's and Gender Studies at Brandeis University. Professor Campbell brings to the course experience designing two team-taught seminars for Graduate Consortium for Women's Studies (GCWS), as well as, long-term scholarly engagement with the literary and colonial pre-history of the modern sciences, social and "natural," and experience teaching graduate seminars aimed at analysis and critique of knowledge and the texts that encode it. She has a long standing interest in climate change and aims to help students become self-aware skeptics of the authoritative narratives that our graduate education itself inclines us to honor rather than question. The narratives of the biological sicences have been perhaps the most authoritative in our society for decades. 


Peter Taylor

A headshot of a white man standing in front of trees looking up.Peter Taylor is a professor and Director of the Science in a Changing World graduate track at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Professor Taylor brings to this course a) the experience of teaching a PBL-format GCWS course on gender, race, and science four times with three quite different co-instructors; b) openness to learning from the literary interpretive expertise of his co-instructor; and c) a desire to bring front and center the challenge for students of developing a narrative or plan for themselves as inquirers who trouble the boundaries of knowledge production in the academy and sciences and cultivate the support needed to continue to do so.