Sequence of Steps and Classes

Class 5

Intersecting processes mapping of fictional text (activity based on Taylor 2010)

Focal Reading

Taylor, Peter J., and Frederick H. Buttel. "How Do We Know We Have Global Environmental Problems? Science and the Globalization of Environmental Discourse." Geoforum 23, no 3 (1992): 405–416. 

Prompt for Journal Entry (between Class 5 and 6)

In project 2, as you move past "the first time" and start feeling more comfortable with the level of initiative and autonomy PBL requires, you might ask yourself this: "If I was invited to bend the course to my own particular needs, to stop waiting for "content" to appear, what might I do at this point?"

Class 6

Work-in-progress presentations in small groups and extended discussion

Focal Reading

Last, Angela. "Super-Natural Futures: One Possible Dialogue Between Afrofuturism and Anthropocene." Mutable Matter: Interdisciplinary Writing on Materiality. August 13, 2013. 

Prompt for Journal Entry

Keep writing in your Private Learning Journals

Class 7

Presentation and submission of written product that "bring scientists and interpreters of literature intro constructive conversation around responding to crises [that] increase in a result of...climate change." 

Focal Reading

None assigned.