Pre-Semester Preparation


 Butler, Octavia. Part 1. Dawn. Aspect, 1997. ISBN:9780446603775. 

Haraway, Donna, and Thyrza Goodeve. How Like a Leaf: An Interview with Donna Haraway. Routledge, 1999. ISBN: 9780415924030.


Cultivating support for ongoing learning I

The basic rhythm and experience of the course introduced by instructors and alums. Everyone begins to get to know each other’s interests. Initiate the process of formulating a personal plan for ongoing inquiry that troubles the boundaries of knowledge production in the academy and sciences, especially as they concern race and gender.

Spoken autobiographical narratives with Connections and Extensions responses, Reflections of alums, Introduction to Project-Based Learning and Class routines (private learning journal, blog, check-in, focal reading, workshop, presentations, annotations, dialogue around written work, peer commentary), Introduction to PBL project 1

Prompt for journal entry: After class 1 and before class 2: Reflect on the “connections and extensions” noted around your autobiographical narrative.
2–4 Project 1: What does it cost to establish knowledge in a certain place at a certain time for a certain people?
5–7 Project 2: Science and literature exploring life on the near-future earth
8–10 Project 3: Genomic citizens and misfits in a digital age
11–13 Project 4: Plans for practice

Cultivating support for ongoing learning II: Where we have come from; where we are going


Peer commentary due on draft final project report; assignment checklist and self-assessment using grading rubric for review. 

Class session

Dialogue process on "Cultivating support for ongoing learning: Where have we come from; where are we going." Final course evaluation online evaluation.