Deliverables and Action Steps

Over IAP   Prep/logistics

Select and read a global health book from the reading list

Complete introductory emails and calls with the host; conduct the hand-off meeting

Complete the quick visa survey

Week of

Make a travel medicine appointment

Assemble Letter of Invitation templates for the team; send to host

Project toolkit Arrange mentor meeting 1
Wednesday Project toolkit WedUp 1
Individual Professional development plan
Project toolkit Organizational profile
2 Week of
Prep/logistics Research and plan visa application
Sloan portfolio

Define project distilling learning from the field with teammate; integrate into workplan

Review photo and video guide.

Wednesday Project toolkit WedUp 2
Friday Project toolkit Workplan draft
Week of
Project toolkit Arrange mentor meeting 1
Prep/logistics Arrange air tickets
Wednesday Project toolkit WedUp 3
Friday Host portfolio Send workplan to host and copy mentor; obtain host agreement
4 Week of Prep/logistics Make lodging arrangements with host
Wednesday Project toolkit WedUp 4
Thursday Prep/logistics Check in with Sloan Action Learning and Sloan Financing & Accounting staff on trip expenses
Friday Project toolkit Country briefing
Week of
Project toolkit

Send outline/draft interim study to mentor

Arrange mentor meeting 3

Prep/logistics Review packing and preparation guide
Wednesday Project toolkit WedUp 5
Friday Host portfolio Annotated bibliography
6 Week of
Project toolkit Arrange mentor meeting 4
Prep/logistics Provide Sloan Action Learning with contact information
Wednesday Project toolkit WedUp 6
Friday Host portfolio Pre-trip interim study
Week of Prep/logistics

Check in with course team upon arrival

Work with mentor for visit logistics

Wednesday Project toolkit WedUp 7
8 Wednesday Project toolkit WedUp 8
9 Week of Project toolkit Arrange mentor meeting 5
Tuesday Project toolkit Assemble photos and materials; provide 3 images for debrief presentation during following class
Wednesday Project toolkit WedUp 9
Friday Host portfolio Full set of on-site materials
Week of Prep/logistics Submit trip expenses
Tuesday Host portfolio Send mentor plan for project wrap-up
Wednesday Project toolkit WedUp 10
Friday Project toolkit One-page executive summary
11 Wednesday Project toolkit WedUp 11
Friday Sloan portfolio Completed project distilling learning from the field
Wednesday Project toolkit WedUp 12
Friday Host portfolio Final deliverables: project wrap-up component, and open letter to host
13 Tuesday Project toolkit Student survey about team, project, host, and self
Wednesday Project toolkit WedUp 13
Thursday Project toolkit Poster created using material from executive summary, organizational profile, images, and other content