Project Description

Student teams of approximately three to four members will select a specific organization to which the team will prepare a "briefing summary" for the launch of a sustainability initiative. The target organization can be a company, nonprofit, or government organization and the proposed sustainability initiative can be an actual in-process initiative or a speculative proposal by the student team. The objective of the team report is to distill the key concepts, lessons, approaches, and methodologies from your work at Sloan on sustainability-related topics, including courses, projects, simulations, speakers in the Proseminar, and other cases. The briefing materials your team prepares should provide the rationale and justification for the proposed sustainability initiative (with methodology) and concrete steps that can be taken to set the initiative in motion and increase the likelihood of successful implementation.

Student Examples

All student work is courtesy of anonymous MIT students, and is used with permission.

Peapod: A Sustainability Proposal (PDF)

SKS Microfinance (PDF - 1.4MB)

Sustainability Initiative at Trader Joe's (PDF)

Strategic Opportunities in Sustainability: Marriott (PDF - 2.0MB)

Produce Traceability for Costco (PDF)

Eco-stewardship in Faith Communities (PDF)