Instructor Insights

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Instructor Insights

In the following video and Chalk Radio podcast episode, Dr. Anjali Sastry describes various aspects of how she mentored students in 15.960 New Executive Thinking Social-Impact Technology Projects.

An Interview with Anjali Sastry on Facilitating a Customized Learning Experience for Sloan Fellows

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Curriculum Information


This course has no specific prerequisites, but permission of the instructor is required for registration. Limited to students enrolled in the Sloan Fellows MBA Program.

Requirements Satisfied

15.960 can be applied toward a Master's of Business Administration, but is not required.


Every semester (by various instructors): topics vary from year to year.

Student Information

About 19 students took this course when it was taught in Fall 2017.

Breakdown by Year

All students enrolled in 15.960 were Sloan Fellows completing a one-year Master’s in Business Administration.

Typical Student Background

Students typically had over a decade of experience in the field.



Grade Breakdown

15.960 is graded as (P/D/F).

How Student Time Was Spent

The time students spent on their projects varied; all students had a weekly individual conference as well as group meetings with Dr. Sastry to discuss the progress of their projects. Many projects also involved field work.