Readings marked "textbook" are taken from:

Churchill, Gilbert A. Jr., and Dawn lacobucci. Marketing Research: Methodological Foundations. 8th ed. Chicago: The Dryden Press, 2002.

LEC # Topics Readings
1 Introduction Textbook, Ch. 8
2 Conjoint Basics Green and Wind
3 Creating a Survey Case: SPI
4 Cluster Analysis Textbook, 860-887
5 Segmentation and Market Structure Conjoint Analysis Note
6 Guest Lecture: Dewey Library Staff, Secondary Research Revise Draft (con't)
7 John Wax Case and Factor Analysis John Wax Case
Textbook, 839-860
8 Perceptual Maps Case: SIM
Perceptual Mapping (HBS)
9 Review Case: MSA Case: MSA
10 Information Pump Prelec, Drazen, and Vanja Buvac. "The Information Pump." Center for Innovation in Product Development, MIT Marketing Group.

Dahan, Ely, and John, R. Hauser. "The Virtual Customer: Communication, Conceptualization, and Computation." Product Innovation Management Review (4 Nov. 2000).

In-Class Demo
11 Presentations
12 Presentations