Cases Generally

The cases facilitate the discussion of marketing problems in real situations. You should read these cases carefully and come to class prepared to provide constructive input as the class works together to address the issues of the case. The best way to prepare is to attempt to answer the discussion questions (posted on the website). If you can answer each question well, you will understand the basic issues of the case.

We strongly encourage you to discuss the case within your group. You will benefit from defending your ideas and you will learn by discussing other group members' approaches. For the cases that are not due as written cases, you may discuss the general issues with other students at Sloan. However, you should not discuss these cases with any students who may have studied them in a prior year. For the three written group cases you should discuss the cases only within your group. All group members should contribute to the case write-up, which is expected to be original material.

Group Case Reports (PDF)

Each group will be required to hand in three case write-ups. You may choose from the following menu:

  • Vestron or Barco
  • Optical Distortion or Tweeter etc.
  • Boston Whaler or Michael Bregman

Use the following sets of questions to guide your report:

Barco Projection Systems (PDF)
Boston Whaler (PDF)
Michael Bregman (PDF)
Optical Distortion (PDF)
Tweeter (PDF)
Vestron (PDF)
Vicks Healthcare (PDF)


Individual Case Reports

In addition to your three group case write-ups, each person must hand in an individual report on each case (not including the three cases that comprise your group report). This report should be no more than one page in length and should briefly summarize the answer to each of the case questions.

You will receive credit simply for handing in each of these reports on time. These reports will not be individually graded or returned, however, they will be used to help determine final grades for students close to the letter cutoffs.

Final Exercise (PDF)

A final exercise will be handed out at the start of the semester. It will be a group exercise. Instructions will be provided. A report will be due on the Monday following the final class session.