Introduction and Course Overview; Supply Chain Challenges

n/a Students should start reading "The Goal".

Supply Chain Dynamics: Beer Game

We will conduct a supply chain simulation in class.

Sterman, J. D. "Teaching Takes Off: Flight Simulators for Management Education." OR / MS Today, October 1992, 40–44.

Beer Game Video Part 1 — Aduartevi. "Business Cycle Part 1." February 22, 2010. YouTube.  Accessed July 2, 2015.

Beer Game Video Part 2 — "Business Cycle Part 2." February 22, 2010. YouTube.  Accessed July 2, 2015.

Write-up of SC example due

Supply Chain Dynamics; Beer Game Debrief

We'll spend half the class learning about and reviewing the possible candidates for your term projects. We'll initiate process to form groups and match to projects.

Beer Game report due

Supply Chain Examples and Challenges

Demand Management and Forecasting (Start)

Bass, F. M. "A New Product Growth for Model Consumer Durables." Management Science 15, no. 5 (1969): 215–27.

Winter, P. R. "Forecasting Sales by Exponentially Weighted Moving Averages." Management Science 6, no. 3 (1960): 324–42.

5 Demand Management and Forecasting (Finish) Problem set 1 out

Capacity Planning and Production Flow Control

Preparation: Read The Goal and be prepared to discuss.

n/a Report on "The Goal" due
7 Process Analysis Case Discussion: Kristen's Cookie Company Case will be distributed prior to class. See Bohn, Roger, K. Somers and G. Greenberg. "Kristen's Cookie Company (A)." Harvard Business School Case. Harvard Business School Publishing. Case: 9–686–093, July 15, 1990 for further reference. n/a

Students will make presentations on projects: Background for enterprise; what's its goal? What's the problem? And what's the plan to address?

Introduce OPT Game

n/a OPT Game out
9 Process Analysis:
In class we will conduct a hands-on line design exercise in which you will build paper airplanes.
"I Love Lucy: Candy Factory" video — Wells, Greg. "I Love Lucy Candy Factory Video wmv." October 17, 2010. YouTube. Accessed July 2, 2015. Problem set 1 due

Process Analysis: OPT Game Debrief

n/a OPT Game report due

Process Analysis

Case Discussion: PATA Massachusetts General Hospital's Pre-admission Testing Area (PATA)

Case will be distributed in class. See McCarty, Kelsey, J. Gallien, and R. Levi. "Massachusetts General Hospital's Pre-Admission Testing Area (PATA)." MIT Sloan School of Management. Case: 11–116, January 3, 2012.

PATA Preparation Questions

Problem set 2 assigned

Process Analysis

Case Discussion: Beleza Natural

Case will be distributed prior to class. See Besbes, Omar, et al. "Beleza Natural." Columbia CaseWorks, Spring 2012, Case ID: 110206.

Beleza Natural Preparation Questions

13 Deterministic-demand Inventory Models


14 Stochastic-demand Inventory Models Problem set 2 due

Inventory Forecast Supply Chain Game in Class Exercise

Case Discussion: Inventory Management Case

Case will be distributed prior to class to read and prepare. See Wheelwright, Steven, and William Schmidt. "Scientific Glass, Inc.: Inventory Management: Brief Case No: 4208." Watertown, MA: Harvard Business Publishing Case, 2011.

Inventory Management Case Preparation Questions

Problem set 3 assigned
16 Inventory Management Application n/a n/a

Supply Chain Contracts

Introduce Supply Chain Game

n/a Supply Chain Game starts

Supply Chain Contracts (cont.)

Updates on Projects — Mid-term report and individual meetings with teams.

n/a Problem set 3 due
19 Supply Chain Game Debrief n/a

Game Report due

Problem set 4 assigned


Lean Production System

In preparation for class watch: Jiro Dreams of Sushi; and read assigned readings on TPS.

n/a Jiro Dreams of Sushi report due

Lean Process Improvements & Value Stream Mapping

Case Study: Lean Process Improvements at Cleveland Clinic

Case will be distributed prior to class. See Augustine, Grace, B. Duncan, and I. Duenyas. "Lean Process Improvements at Cleveland Clinic." Tauber Institute for Global Operations, University of Michigan Case. Published by GlobaLens, William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan. Case: 1–428–795. May 14, 2009 for further reference.

Lean Process Improvements at Cleveland Clinic Preparation Questions

22 Supply Chain Improvement

Case will be distributed prior to class. See Goentzel, Jarrod, and Jayashankar M. Swaminathan, "UNICEF RUTF Supply Chain (B): Developing a Global Supply Network." UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School Case, January, 2015 for further reference.

Plumpy Nut on 60 Minutes

Plumpy Field

23 No Class: Individual meetings on projects. n/a Problem set 4 due

Network Design

Introduce case study: Designing a Malaria Intervention Supply Chain

Griffin, J., P. Keskinocak, et al. "Case Study: Designing a Malaria Intervention Supply Chain." Georgia Health and Humanitarian Tech Systems.


Network Design (cont.)

Case Study: Designing a Malaria Intervention Supply Chain (cont.)

Case assignment due
26 No Class: Students work on projects and meet with staff. n/a n/a
27 Project Presentation & Class Wrap-up n/a n/a