1 Introduction and Course Overview

Prepare case: Use of a Queueing Model to design a lean system.

Case illustrates use of simple model to line design decisions.


Manufacturing System Design

Class will introduce and discuss key topics in manufacturing system design by means of an example: design of a PC production facility, including choice of assembly configuration, set up of material handling system, capacity sizing.

3 Manufacturing System Design: Service Systems Prepare case: Manzana Insurance-Fruitvale Branch
4 Supply Chain Design I

Manufacturing System Design: High volume automated lines - choice of buffers and buffer sizing

Guest speaker: Dr. Mitchell Burman, Analytics, Inc. Boston MA. In this class we will hear about various projects on the analysis and design of automated production lines with finite buffers.

Queuing Modeling Assignment due
6 Supply Chain Design II
7 Decentralized Distribution Systems
8 Revenue Management

Prepare case: Transportation National Group

Case examines pricing issues for trailers.

9 Guest Speaker
10 Pricing Strategies
11 Design of a Supply Chain for a New Product Logistic System Design Assignment due
12 Guest Speaker: Mike Romeri, Lead Director, Process Technology Group at PRTM
13 Flexibility and Capacity Planning

Prepare case: Seagate Technologies: Operational Hedging

Case illustrates capacity hedging strategies.

14 Internet Based B2B Procurement Strategies Procurement Game Assignment due
15 Flexibility and Capacity Planning

Computer exercise

Capacity Planning and Flexibility Assignment due

16 Class Summary and Wrap Up