Lecture Notes

Class # Topics
Module I - An Overview of Fundamentals
1 An Overview of Key Players, Their Legal Responsibilities and Early Roles
2 and 3 Tax Considerations in Deal Structures (PDF)
4 Putting the Deal Together (PDF)
5 Employment Law: The Perspectives of Key Employees and of the Corporation as an Employer (PDF)
6 LBOs and the Perspective of Financial Sponsors
Module II - Some Complications
7 Intellectual Property as an Asset; Selling and Buying the Hi-tech Start-up (PDF)
8 The Legal Liability of Managers and Board Members (PDF)
9 Antitrust Concerns and Regulatory Clearance (PDF)
10 The Distressed Company (PDF)
11 and 12 Some Complex Deal Terms, Including Issues That Arise in the Purchase of a Publicly-Held Company
13 Wrap-up