Lecture Notes

This session contains lecture notes for the first and twenty-fifth sessions, and for the rest it contains a set of questions to be prepared in advance of the class, to facilitate discussion.

Introduction and Overview
1 Lecture and Discussion: Course Importance, Topics, Logistics (PDF)
2 Case Discussion: Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (PDF)
Module I: Project Management: The Realities of Hitting a Moving Target
3 Case Discussion: Administrative Data Project (A) (PDF)
4 Case Discussion: Administrative Data Project (B and C) (PDF)
5 Case Discussion: AIRNow Presentation, Visitor: Jane Linder (PDF)
6 Case: PharmaCo Presentation, Visitor: Ben Porter (PDF)
Module II: Implementation and Change: "Technology is the Least of Our Problems"
7 Case Discussion: First National City Bank Operating Group (PDF)
8 Continuation of First National City Bank Operating Group Discussion (PDF)
9 Case Discussion: Dow Corning (PDF)
10 Implementation Readings Review, and Visitor on ERP Implementation Experience: Mike Shanno, EMC Corporation (PDF)
Module III: Management of the IT Function: The Genie Behind the Curtain
11 RFID, Visitor: Prof. Brian Subirana (PDF)
12 Case Discussion: Care Group (PDF)
13 Case Discussion: Lifeline, Visitor: CIO Rich Reich (PDF)
14 Class Discussion of Student Projects (PDF)
15 Visitor: Arup Gupta, CEO, Tata Consultancy Services (PDF)
Module IV: IT Support for Business Operations: Doing Things Faster and Better
16 Special Assignment on Getting Business Value from IT Frameworks (PDF)
17 The MIT Process Handbook, Visitor: Prof. Tom Malone (PDF)
18 Web Services and Business Process Management, Visitor: Evan Mamas (PDF)
Module V: Strategic Systems and Digital Transformation: IT for New Things
19 TYCO Readings, Visitor: CIO Dana Deasy (PDF)
20 ACE Case, US Customs Transformation (PDF)
21 Business Strategy (PDF)
22 Visitor: Omar Baig, IFC / World Bank (PDF)
Module VI: Team Reports, Course Summary
23 Team Project Presentations  
24 Team Project Presentations (cont.)  
25 Discussion / Debate: "Does IT Matter?" (PDF 1)

(PDF 2)
26 Closing Lecture and Discussion