The reading guides below contain a list of study questions to guide you through the readings, as well as instructions for the assigned one-pagers and exercises due throughout the course.

1 The economics of information  
2 Sermo (PDF)
3 Differential pricing, signaling and screening (PDF)
4 Bundling and aggregation (PDF)
5 Search and competition (PDF)
6 Two-sided networks: eBay (PDF)
7 Pricing at zero (PDF)
8 Amazon (PDF)
9 Targeted advertising: Google (PDF)
10 Measurement, analytics and experimentation  
11 The long tail (PDF)
12 Deep QA and knowledge work (PDF)
13 Midterm exam  
14 Wikipedia (PDF)
15 Enterprise 2.0 (PDF)
16 Open source and innovation (PDF)
17 Experimentation, replication and innovation (PDF)
18 Digital advantage (PDF)
19 Social networks (PDF)
20 Information analytics (PDF)
21 Student presentations  
22 Emerging electronic markets (PDF)
23 Future of information economy (PDF)