Assignments: HW = Homework; TP = Term Project, CP = Computer Project;

Due Dates: bold = 15.565 & 15.578; italics = 15.578 only; normal = 15.565 only;

LEC # Topics Due Dates
1 Introduction
I. Strategic Connectivity
2 Information Technology, Corporate Strategy, and Competitive Advantage (Interlinked Value Chains)
3 Strategic Case Study (Johnson & Johnson Case) HW1: J&J
4 Business and Industry Transformation (McKesson Case)
5 Aggregators: Traveling the Internet "Fast Lane"
II. Physical Connectivity
6 Basic Communications Technology and Concepts CP1: Goals
7 Local Area Networks TP & CP Team Members
8 Wide Area Networks (Packet Networks)
9 Network Protocols (ISO OSI) CP2: LAN
10 Emerging Technologies I (Frame Relay, ATM, V-IP)
11 Emerging Technologies II (ADSL, Cable Modem) HW2
12 Technical Case Study - MIT's Network Configuration TP Proposal/ CP3: WAN
III. Logical Connectivity
13 Distributed Homogeneous Databases
14 Mid-term Exam
15 Distributed Heterogeneous Databases HW3-A / CP4: DB Design
16 View Integration Among Databases
17 Web as a Database (COIN Project) CP5: View Integrate /ASP
18 Semantic Integration (COIN Project)
19 Component Architecture (CORBA) and Web Services
IV. Organizational Connectivity
20 Loosely-coupled Organizations CP6: Backend Integrate
21 Markets and Hierarchies: Organizational Coupling HW4
22 Development of Standards HW3-B
23 Motivating Strategic Alliances & Organizational Transformation Term Project / CP7: Final PAS
V. Finale
24 Course Summary and Review
25 Selected Student Presentations
26 Final Exam