The calendar below provides information on the course's lecture (L), recitations (R) and exam (E) sessions.

L1 Overview and Introduction to Financial Statements

Administrative Matters, Discussion of Accounting Framework
L2 The Balance Sheet
R1 Highlights of Introductory Topics: Financial Accounting, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, etc.

Review of Technical Items
L3 The Income Statement and Principles of Accrual Accounting
L4 The Accrual Accounting Process of Preparing Financial Statements Problem set #1 due
L5/R2 The Accrual Accounting Process of Preparing Financial Statements (cont.) Journal Entry and T-account

Cash vs. Accrual Accounting

Accounting Entry for Sales, Adjusting Entries, and Closing Entries
L6 The Accounting Process Problem set #2 due
L7 Statement of Cash Flows
L8/R3 Statement of Cash Flows (cont.)

Financial Statement Analysis
Statement of Cash Flows

Indirect Approach
L9 Receivables and Revenue Recognition
L10/R4 Receivables and Revenue Recognition (cont.) Midterm Review Problem set #3 due
L11 Inventories
L12 Long-lived Assets
R5 Accounting for Inventory LIFO and FIFO
E1 Mid-term Exam
L13/R6 Matching Principle for PP&E Accounting for Long Lived Assets Time Value of Money
L14 Current Liabilities and Contingencies
L15 Time Value of Money

Long-term Debt
L16 Long-term Debt and Leases Problem set #4 due
L17/R7 Deferred Taxes

Marketable Securities
Marketable Securities



Deferred Tax
L18 Investments, and Business Combinations Problem set #5 due (two days after L18)
L19 Business Combinations and Course Review
E2 Final Exam