Lecture Notes

1 Course introduction and elements & role of a business plan Course introduction and objectives & viable business ideas (PDF)
2 Idea generation Idea generation (PDF)
3 Analyzing ideas and inspirations Idea filtering / sanity check (PDF)
4 Speed dating for team formation Idea speed dating (PDF)
5 More team formation and idea refinement Idea refinement and team formation refinement (PDF)
6 Market segmentation & primary customer research Target customer (PDF - 1.2MB)
7 Moving from the broad list of potential markets to specific targets Market segmentation & how to do primary customer research (PDF)
8 Determining what you can do for your customer What can you do for your customer? (PDF)
9 Defining and refining what makes you unique What can you uniquely do for your customer? (PDF)
10 Simulation lab on marketing plan n/a
11 Competitive advantage Competition (PDF)
12 Business economics part I: Cost of customer acquisition How does your customer acquire your product (PDF - 1.2MB)
13 COCA examples and discussion How do you make money off your product, i.e., how do you capture value? (PDF)
14 How do you make your business economically sustainable & attractive? Business plans & designing a business model (PDF)
15 Sales and distribution Sales and distribution plans (PDF)
16 Go-to-market simulation lab n/a
17 How do you design and build your product? How do you design and build your product? i.e., let's build something! (PDF)
18 Nuts and bolts of building your financial statements Financials (PDF)
19 Product definition, development to delivery Product development (PDF)
20 Legal considerations to start a company Legal and organizational matters (PDF)
21 Scaling the business, team section & how to present a business plan Scaling the business, team section & how to present a business plan (PDF)
22 Troubles ahead How to help an entrepreneurial company; entrepreneurial finance (PDF)
23 Student team presentations n/a
24 Student team presentations (cont.) n/a