Assignment 2

Assignment 2: Executive Summary (version 1.0)

Executive summary score sheet (PDF)

Executive Summary

Many books assert that this is the last part of the business plan you should write. However, we would like you to write a first draft of this part (knowing that it will change greatly over time) to help you outline the plan and to guide you through the semester. What you write here is not set in stone and will most likely change by the time you submit your final plan. It should include a concise (1,500-word) summary of what you think you will have in your business plan. This should Not be a slide deck.

It will include a very high-level description of:

  • Market opportunity
  • Sales and marketing strategy
  • Product description
  • Financial projections
  • Financing needed and planned exit
  • Team biographies

Again, this is not the final version, but rather just to get you to think through the whole process and see the full magnitude of what needs to be done in the semester so you can pace yourself. It also can point out potential weaknesses in your plan from the start.