Assignment 12

Assignment 12: Final Paper

Final business plan evaluation sheet (PDF)

This is an amalgamation of your market analysis/segmentation and competition, your product and manufacturing plan, your sales plan, your financial plan, and your marketing plan. It takes from Assignments 1–9, with a special emphasis of tying all the revenue/expenses to a timeline. It is a refinement of all the assignments in the course and all that has been learned otherwise over the semester, woven into one consistent and compelling plan for an innovation-based new venture. The business plan should be no more than 20 pages single-spaced with half-inch margins, including all appendices, charts, graphs, exhibits, etc.

As you pull your final plan together a few things you should consider:

  1. Does it have a logical flow?
  2. Have we shown how this business can scale to merit the commitment of multiple MIT graduates?
  3. Have you added something about the risk and a risk mitigation strategy for each?
  4. Does the potential magnitude of this opportunity make it particularly exciting and merit external investment or is this a smaller opportunity that is more aligned with more conservative funding sources? Make sure your funding strategy is aligned with the type of opportunity you are presenting.
  5. Is the timing of this opportunity right for this new venture?
  6. Have you presented it in a way that is easy for the reader to understand? (i.e., used a lot of graphics and packaged everything very well)