Assignment Instructions

All assignments are due (in paper and submitted online) at the beginning of class unless otherwise indicated.

Assignment 1A: Face Cards and Submit Three Ideas & Resume Online

Assignment 1B: Elevator Pitch

Assignment 1C: Team Formation

Assignment 2: Executive Summary (version 1.0)

Assignment 3: Team Advisor, Description of Target Customer, & Value Proposition (version 1.0)

Assignment 4: Market Definition Section (version 1.0)

Assignment 5: Competitive Advantage Section (version 1.0)

Assignment 6: Customer Acquisition Analysis (version 1.0)

Assignment 7: Go To Market Section (Sales, Marketing, Pricing—version 1.0)

Assignment 8: Product Section (version 1.0)

Assignment 9: Financial Section (version 1.0) and Human Resources Section (version 1.0)

Assignment 10: Executive Summary Re-write

Assignment 11: Take an Entrepreneur to Dinner

Assignment 12: Final Paper