Lec # Topics Key dates
1 Introduction and Overview  
2 Many Users Innovate: Maybe Even You!  
3 Innovate or Buy? Each User has a Low-cost Innovation Niche  
4 Dr. Nat Sims, Medical User-Innovator  
5 How Open Source Software Works  
6 User Innovation Communities If you want mid-course feedback on a paper, please turn in your first 7-page paper today.
7 Why Users Often Freely Reveal Their Innovations  
8 How Can Manufacturers Make Money if Users are the Innovators?  
9 Finding Lead User Innovations and Giving Customers Toolkits  
10 How Manufacturers Can Benefit from Distributed Innovation: The Story of InnoCentive  
11 Design and Manufacture of "Mass Customized" Products  
12 Resistance to Innovation is the Norm: Things will Change - But Slowly, If Incumbents have a Choice! Both 7-page papers due today unless an extension has been given.