1 Dynamics of technological innovation
2 Industrial implications of technological innovation
3 Competitive implications of market and technology dynamics
Exploring innovations: experimentation and iteration
4 Systematizing innovation; "What's the Big Idea;" IDEO
5 Scoping technology: Advanced Inhalation Research
6 No class; teams work on assignment 1
7 Iterating design: Team New Zealand
8 Experimenting with markets: innovation at 3M
9 Capstone: Iridium
Executing innovations: organizing to execute
10 Organizing innovation teams: 'The Bakeoff'
11 Organizing flexible processes; 'Internet Time' exercise
12 Incentivizing and organizing innovators: GSK
13 Organizing innovation between firms and communities; One Laptop Per Child, innovation communities (Visitor: Mako Hill)
14 Incentivizing and organizing external innovators: D-Wave
15 Negotiation innovation work between firms and academia (SpudSpy & negotiation exercise)
Exploiting innovations: options, portfolios and platforms
16 No class; time for project work
17 Dynamics of the market for ideas; designing the value chain
18 Leveraging portfolio development: A123 (Visitor: Ric Fulop, Founder A123 Systems)
19 Capstone: leveraging platforms in online video gaming (Visitor: Cyrus Beagly, Sloan '02)
20 Portfolio management processes: le Petit Chef
Renewing innovations: organizing disruption
21 Internal vs. external sources of renewal: Intel
22 Renewing innovation; corporate venturing; IBM Alphaworks
23 Renewing innovation; internal venturing; GE imagination breakthroughs
24 Wrap-up