Leading Organizations II

Employees working and holding meetings in modern office building.

Power and networks are critical components of today's workplace, but it is often difficult for employees and managers to fully understand them. (Image courtesy of Frank Duffy. Used with permission.)


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Fall 2003



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15.322 allows – and expects – students to be fully involved in their learning by providing for many interactive experiences. For example, along with the lecture notes, students participate in learning tasks; both are available for download. Concepts learned in the readings can be discussed in the learning groups.

Course Description

Through lectures, discussions, and class exercises, 15.322 analyzes the human processes underlying organizational behavior and change. The class makes students aware of the challenge of organizational change and equips them to better handle it. There are many psychological and sociological phenomena that regularly occur in organizations, though many of these forces are difficult to see. The aim is to increase the students' understanding of these forces – in themselves and in others – so they become more visible and manageable. The prerequisite for this course is 15.321, Leading Organizations I.

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