This section includes the facilitator guides for each class session. They serve as detailed instructions for the instructor or teaching assistant leading the class activities and discussion. While they provide a description of the class activities, the guides are aimed at educators rather than students.

1 Setting goals for individuals and the team itself for the semester. Relates Warren Center pre-term orientation team building exercise ("What individual strengths do you bring to the team") to individual and team strengths, needs, objectives and processes (PDF) Create a "motto" for the team. Set individual and team goals for management communication and semester.
2 Giving and receiving feedback: a primer on "how to". (PDF) Learn protocol for giving and receiving feedback. Set individual goals.
3 Structuring an impromptu: provides a slow-motion practice on structure and development of an impromptu, including how to answer a question. (PDF) Rehearse for impromptus in class and learn basic structures for speaking.
4 Storytelling about leadership: tell a story about an intense experience of leadership—either your own or someone else's leadership.(PDF) Relate experience of leadership to Distributed Leadership Model (DLM). Practice the non-verbal aspects of speaking to build on during rest of term. Understand the power and importance of stories. Learn more about your teammates.
5 Culture and leadership exercise: identify leadership characteristics you most admire associated with your culture (PDF) Prepare for intercultural communication and deepen understanding of leadership.
6 Conflict resolution: the basis for managing conflict. (PDF) Use tools of communication to manage and resolve conflict.
7 Team feedback: feedback for each individual member on their strengths and weaknesses in contributing to the team (PDF) Help individuals learn about their ability to work in a team and their team leadership roles. Prepare team for coping to complete Organizational Processes (OP) project presentation. Shore up team's strengths and weaknesses. Compare with earlier team and individual goals.
8 Informational interviewing. Responding to interviewing questions and practicing active listening. (PDF) Prepare for listening in interactive presentations and preparing for interviewing. Rehearse "inquiry" aspect of DLM.
9 Communicating your vision of leadership. Delivering a "vision" to your organization. (PDF) Review DLM, focusing on visioning. Prepare a 2-3 minute vision of a better organization, using context of previous job. Practice concrete and vivid language.
10 Organizational Processes (OP) team project presentation rehearsal (PDF) Help teams structure and improve team's project presentation. Reinforce importance of rehearsal.
11-12 Team review of project presentation videotape. Review goals and objectives. Feedback on team presentation. (PDF) Reflect with team on presentation. Final feedback on coach and team and lab.