Network Optimization

Network representation of a transshipment problem.

Given demand, production capabilities, and costs of shipment, what is the minimum cost method for satisfying demand? This problem can be solved using a minimum cost flow algorithm, which is covered in this course. (Diagram by Prof. James Orlin.)


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15.082J / 6.855J / ESD.78J

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Fall 2010



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Walk through the main topics in 15.082J Network Optimization step-by-step by viewing the many animations available. The complete set of lecture notes makes use of many diagrams and other visuals to clarify abstract concepts. Students work by themselves or with a partner to complete assignments, which sometimes involve proofs.

Course Description

15.082J/6.855J/ESD.78J is a graduate subject in the theory and practice of network flows and its extensions. Network flow problems form a subclass of linear programming problems with applications to transportation, logistics, manufacturing, computer science, project management, and finance, as well as a number of other domains. This subject will survey some of the applications of network flows and focus on key special cases of network flow problems including the following: the shortest path problem, the maximum flow problem, the minimum cost flow problem, and the multi-commodity flow problem. We will also consider other extensions of network flow problems.

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