2.2 The Statistical Sommelier: An Introduction to Linear Regression

Quick Question

In R, use the dataset wine (CSV) to create a linear regression model to predict Price using HarvestRain and WinterRain as independent variables. Using the summary output of this model, answer the following questions:

What is the "Multiple R-squared" value of your model?

Exercise 1


What is the coefficient for HarvestRain?

Exercise 2


What is the intercept coefficient?

Exercise 3



In R, create the model by typing the following line into your R console:

modelQQ4 = lm(Price ~ HarvestRain + WinterRain, data=wine)

Then, look at the output of summary(modelQQ4). The Multiple R-squared is listed at the bottom of the output, and the coefficients can be found in the coefficients table.