Response Paper 1

Due Session 5

Choose one of the following questions, and write two pages in response.


  • Include a title and your name on a single line at the top of your essay
  • Indent paragraphs; do not double space between paragraphs
  • Double space between l ines; use 1" margins all around
  • Use Times or Times New Roman font; 12 point


  1. Both Sen and Chanda aruge against a notion of globalization as a recent phenomenon emanating from the West. Choose one contemporary issue or debate in which this view of globalization prevails. Using specific ideas from the Sen lecture and the Chanda excerpt, make an argument for how a more nuanced and historical view of globalization might change the debate.
  2. "Honor," "honesty," and "respect" are qualities that become extremely fluid in emotional relationshiops between individuals from different cultures. Pick one or two of these qualities and examine how external circumstances color their meaning in either "Third Avenue Suicide" or Interpreter of Maladies."
  3. Gender roles and expectations play a crucial role in "Quality Street." Choose one of the main characters and examine how gender roles shape her expectations and those of her peers. How does the post-colonial experience play-out in her relationships with others? With the reader? Be specific.
  4. Music plays a significant role in cultural adaptation. Examine its meaning in either the Jarrar or Adichie short story.