Group Project

The group project should be based on original research conducted by groups of (ideally) 3-4 students each. The project must focus on the intersection of race and gender, and/or class in one or more Asian American communities. The format is open and flexible -- past projects have included traditional research papers, videos, "radio plays," skits, web sites, poster boards, etc. -- and creativity is encouraged. Project topics and format must be approved in advance by the instructor. The approximate length of the project should be equivalent to 10 written pages per student (four students = 40 pages). Those choosing to do projects other than the traditional research paper must work out in advance with the instructor how to fulfill this requirement. Each group will be assigned a single grade for the project, and all team members are expected to participate and contribute equally. Groups are expected to determine independently a fair distribution of work among team members, but should consult with instructor promptly in the unlikely event that internal problems arise within the group.