1 Course Organization and Overview
2 Lecture: Dorsal Cochlear Nucleus
3 Discussion: Dorsal Cochlear Nucleus
4 Discussion: Dorsal Cochlear Nucleus (cont.)
5 Lecture: Descending Systems
6 Discussion: Descending Systems
7 Lecture: Cell Types and Circuits
8 Discussion: Cell Types and Circuits
9 Lecture: Quantitative Methods
10 Discussion: Quantitative Methods
11 Discussion: Quantitative Methods (cont.)
12 Lecture: Thalamus and Cortex
13 Discussion: Thalamus and Cortex
14 Student Topic Presentations Oral presentations and written proposals for student selected discussion topics due
15 Lecture: Neuroimaging
16 Lecture: Speech Motor Control
17 Lecture: Motor Control
18 Discussion: Speech Motor Control
19 Discussion: Neuroimaging
20 Discussion: Neuroimaging (cont.)
21 Lecture: Cortical Language Processing
22 Discussion: Cortical Language Processing
23 Special Lecture
24 Discussion: Student-initiated Topics
25 Discussion: Student-initiated Topics (cont.)
26 Discussion: Student-initiated Topics (cont.)