1 Introduction to the Course: Asian / Performance / Cultures

Discussion: Performances of Class and Gender - Street vs. Opera
2 Anime and Japanese Culture
3 Pokemon and Cross-Cultural Influence
4 Anime as Performance

Discussion of Issues Related to Paper 1
5 Fiction, Music and Politics Writing paper 1 due - Anime, Japan and globalization
6 Hip-Hop, Japan and Race as Performed
7 Asian Identities and Politics through Comics

Tak Toyoshima will Discuss his Editorial Comic Secret Asian Man during the First Half of Class
8 Beijing Film Academy - Animation from China
9 Gender, Sexuality and Performance
10 Transgendered Identities in Japan Writing paper 2 due - popular culture and identity politics
11 Cultural Performances and Authenticity

Discussion of Authenticity, 47 Samurai ("Passing" as Failed Ronin)
12 Student Presentations

Discussion of Final Paper Topics
Student presentations due
13 Final Class Writing final paper due (7-9 pages, double spaced)