1 Introduction

Film "A Veiled Revolution"
2 Distant View of the  Minaret  
3 Distant View of the Minaret (cont.)  
4 Woman at Point Zero

Teaching Group
5 Woman at Point Zero (cont.) First version of first paper due
6 So Long a Letter  
7 So Long a Letter (cont.) Final version of first paper due
8 Nervous Conditions

Teaching Group
9 Nervous Conditions (cont.)  
10   Nilafer Gole: "Veiled Women: The Forbidden Agents between Islam and Modernity: Cases from France, Turkey and Iran"
11 Nervous Conditions (cont.)  
12 Chinese Short Stories

Teaching Group
13 Chinese Film First version of second paper due
14 Oryx and Crake

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15 Oryx and Crake (cont.) Final version of second paper due
16   Required presence at Margaret Atwood Presentation at Kresge
17 Margaret Atwood in Class  
18 The Good Women of China

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19 The Good Women of China (cont.)  
20 House of the Spirits

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21 House of the Spirits (cont.) First version of third paper due
22 House of the Spirits (cont.)  
23 House of the Spirits (cont.)  
24   Final version of third paper due
25 Japanese Films  
26 Kitchen

Teaching Group
27 Moonlight Shadows  
28 Last Day of Class

Final Discussion
29   Last paper due