Final Paper

Topic and Scope

The paper must be an original written piece of work that takes up a topic covered within the domain of game culture. You can either draw from the subject areas covered in class (see weekly syllabus topics) or pick a topic exploring some other social & cultural aspect of computer gaming. As with the mid-term, this is your opportunity to really dig in and research a topic of your choosing related to the course.

A key factor in this assignment is that you demonstrate a rigorous, scholarly analysis of the subject of your essay. You cannot just be "in your own head" or making broad claims but must evidence your arguments by drawing on academic research. The key is that you find support for your argument in scenarios, research, and cases beyond your own personal experience or opinions. This will also mean looking through journals, books on the subject, and seeking solid examples to build and anchor your argument.

Format & Specs

  1. The format for the assignment will be similar to the mid-term in that you will be creating an argument that includes multimedia (videos, images, etc.), which you will embed into your online essay (minimum of 4). They should serve as jumping off points, reflection prompts, illustrations, or evidence for your argument. In addition to the content you are also responsible for making sure the formatting "works" so do not wait till the last minute to check your embedded video. Please also make sure label the media appropriately (title and URL you found it).
  2. You should engage with (i.e. draw on, cite, quote) at least 5 peer-reviewed scholarly articles related to your topic. Your work should be situated within a community of research, and your literature engagement should be framed accordingly. One can be drawn from our class readings but the additional ones should come from your independent lit search. Robust engagement with prior research involves actively integrating it into your argument (not simply dropping in a citation in passing). If you are unsure of where to find good game studies articles you can check out my resource page.
  3. You should use the Chicago Manual of Style conventions for quoting and citing work.
  4. Your overall word count for the piece should be 4500 words (+/- 10% is fine)


You will also be presenting a brief (10 minute) summary of your topic & findings to the class during the final weeks of class so please make sure to start prepping early.

Online Work

As with the mid-term I would like for you to pseudonym yourself for the purposes of this assignment. I recommend you simply post your final at the same site you used for your mid-term (and make sure to resend me the URL by the due date).