Course Meeting Times

Lectures: 5 sessions / week, 4 hours / session [for 4 weeks]


In this class, we will execute the entire process of rodent behavioral neurophysiology experiments - from construction of the implanted microdrives through experiment performance and data analysis. Students will be exposed to all aspects of a cutting-edge technique in modern electrophysiology, in a highly structured, team oriented environment. The research projects will probe the neural mechanisms of learning and memory through tetrode array recordings coupled with patterned microstimulation.


Our success as a team and as individuals in this endeavor relies on the quality of everyone's work, which is a direct reflection of your work habits. Every step in the process relies on the proper completion of all previous steps. Remember to keep your quality standards high at all times. Defects in workmanship will propagate down the production line, forcing you to retrace your steps from that point on. If it ain't right – toss it. Materials are cheap. Time is costly.

Likewise, good work habits will lead directly to quality work. Please keep the lab clean and organized. Clean up your work areas frequently, and put things away where they belong when you are done with them. The last fifteen minutes of every class will be devoted to lab cleanup and review of daily progress. We have a lot of people working in a very small space, and using a lot of shared equipment. Only through cleanliness, organization and common courtesy will it work for all of us.

That being said, I think that this month should be interesting and a lot of fun. I hope to maintain a productive, exciting and collegial atmosphere throughout IAP and beyond. When we all work together, who knows what we will be able to achieve?


  1. Produce a functioning tetrode array and microdrive assembly.
  2. Record from the brain of a behaving animal.

Toolkit Inventory List

Each team should have a toolkit consisting of the following items:

  1. Tool Box (black)
  2. Drive Parts Box (clear)
  3. Pana-Vise for holding drive as it is being built and loaded
  4. Scribe
  5. Exacto-Knife
  6. Large Pliers
  7. Fine Pliers
  8. Super Glue (2)
  9. 1 ml Syringes (3)
  10. 26 Gauge Needles (3)
  11. Fine Scissors
  12. Diagonal Cutters
  13. Tetrode Tweezers
  14. 0-80 Screws (100)
  15. 0-80 Screw Taps (2)
  16. Tap Handle
  17. Tetrode Box
  18. Tetrode Stripper (burner)