1. Tetrode Array

Students will build a tetrode array. See the projects section for details.

2. IAP Project: Monitoring and Manipulation of Neural Activity in Behaving Rodents

This intensive neurophysiological experiment team project probes the neural mechanisms of learning and memory through tetrode array recordings coupled with patterned microstimulation. The potential outgrowth of this technology includes treatments for disorders such as epilepsy and Parkinson's, as well as the ability to manipulate the behavior and perception of subjects. Responsibilities include animal care and training, light machining and small parts assembly work, experimental data collection on a computerized neurophysiological recording rig with some post-processing of data, assisting or performing behavioral experiments, physiology, neurosurgery and histology.

Examples of Output Data

These examples demonstrate the visualization of the data obtained from the tetrode array while implanted in a behaving rodent. Red signifies the highest intensity of activity, while blue signifies low or no activity.

Output 1: Results from one cell recording (PDF)
Output 2: Series run-stimulate-run (PDF)
Output 3: Pre and post correlation of behavioral recording (PDF)