Lecture Notes

1 Introduction and Overview

Lecture notes 1 (PDF)


Study group roster (PDF)

Working groups (PDF)

Human systems: Aspects and levels of organization and development (PDF)

Preliminary information form and benchmark questionnaire (PDF)

Timesheet (PDF)

Affect / effect (PDF)

2 Human Systems Lecture notes 2 (PDF)
3 MFA Field Trip

Lecture notes 3 (PDF)

Timescales (PDF)

MFA field trip guide and timeline (PDF)

MFA field trip reaction form (PDF)

4 Quality in Arts, Technology and Life Lecture notes 4 (PDF)
5 Problematique du changement I Lecture notes 5 (PDF)
6 What is Quality in (my MIT) Education? Lecture notes 6 (PDF)
7 Wrapping Up Phase One Lecture notes 7 (PDF)
8 The Neuropsychology of Affect Lecture notes 8 (PDF)
9 Neurosurgery: The Science of Violence and Vice-Versa

Lecture notes 9 (PDF)

Neurobiology (PDF)

Kille case chronology (PDF)

10 Field Trip: A Walk Around the Block

Lecture notes 10 (PDF)

Walk around the block (PDF)

11 Fathering the Unthinkable Lecture notes 11 (PDF)
12 Problematique du changement II Lecture notes 12 (PDF)
13 Review Lecture notes are not available for this session
14 Final Presentations and Closure Discussion Lecture notes 14 (PDF)