Assignments should be 1-2 pages, with the exception of the term paper (not to exceed 15 pages), and written in the voice of first person singular. The assignment must be the product of your mind and all sources must be appropriately acknowledged using footnotes.  For further information, please see the syllabus.


What is Good? And What is Not Good? (Epigram)

Do We Need Anyone to Tell Us These Things? (1–2 page reaction paper)

2 Why an MFA field-trip? What are we supposed to be looking for? Why Now?
3 "Searching for quality at the MFA" with two annotated photos from MFA field trip.
4 "What I see as the core message(s) of the four assignments for this week."
5 Quality and Me and My MIT Education.
6 On the Experience of Reading ZAAMM... in the Context of 9.68. Try to identify and briefly describe a few (at least 3) "take-home" lessons, key questions, or issues needing to be further discussed with which the book leaves you.
7 "Three Key Ideas from the foregoing assignments about the Neuropsychology of Affect."
8 Psychosurgery: The Values in conflict as I See Them.
9a "My Walk Around the Block."
9b "Term Paper Proposal." (not to exceed 2 pages)
10 Ethics of Science at War in the Modern National Corporate State: Some Key Values in Conflict in "Copenhagen" as I See Them.
11 Feelings about the future.
12 Term paper.