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2 Perceptrons: Simple and Multilayer  
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LeNet Web site
4 Linear Networks  
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7 Objectives and Optimization  
8 Hybrid Analog-Digital Computation

Ring Network
Hahnloser, R. H., R. Sarpeshkar, M. A. Mahowald, R. J. Douglas, and H. S. Seung. "Digital selection and analog amplification coexist in a cortex-inspired silicon circuit." Nature 405, no. 6789 (June 22, 2000): 947-51.

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9 Constraint Satisfaction

10 Bidirectional Perception  
11 Signal Reconstruction  
12 Hamiltonian Dynamics  
13 Antisymmetric Networks  
14 Excitatory-Inhibitory Networks

15 Associative Memory  
16 Models of Delay Activity

17 Multistability

18 VQ

19 More PCA

Delta Rule
20 Conditioning

21 More Backpropagation  
22 Stochastic Gradient Descent  
23 Reinforcement Learning  
24 More Reinforcement Learning  
25 Final Review