1 Foundations, Explanation in Language Acquisition, Mechanisms of Acquisition (Learning, Parameter Setting, Maturation), the Idea of Learnability. 
Input to the Learner.
An Overview of Linguistic Development, What Kinds of Objects Develop When? (e. g., Head chains, A-chains, A-bar Chains)
2 Verb Movement and Inflection in Young Children.
The Existence of Functional Categories in Young Children.
The Existence of Head-chains in Young Children.
3 Agreement and Case in Young Children.
4 Null Subjects
5 Truncation versus AGR/TNS Deletion and the UCC.
6 Deviance of the Inflectional System in Development, Specific Language Impairment.
7 Learning Models for Parameter-Setting: Word Order and Inflection and for Phonology/Morphology.
8 The Development of Argument Chains.
9 More Passive, Spec-Head Relations and Maturation in the Young Child.
10 Binding Theory
11 Recent New Results in the Development of Binding: Variability across languages, Relation to Reference and Type of Pronoun, Clitic Exemptions from DPBE and Pronouns as Subjects of Small Clauses Licensed by Perceptual Verbs.
12 Learning Language Specific Contrasts and Phonotactic Distributions.
13 Child Phonologies: Evidence for Markedness in Phonological Acquisition?