Lecture Notes

Lecture 1: Course introduction and overview (PDF)

Lecture 2: Quantitative methods in syntax & semantics research (PDF)

Lecture 3: Language as communication (PDF)

Lecture 4: Language as communication (2) (PDF)

Lecture 5: Language processing over a noisy channel (PDF)

Lecture 6: Language processing over a noisy channel/locality (PDF)

Lecture 7: Noisy channel/memory in sentence processing (PDF)

Lecture 8: What makes a long-distance extraction unacceptable? (PDF - 1.1MB)

Lecture 9: Pragmatics: the use of referring expressions (PDF)

Lecture 10: The on-line computation of pragmatic information (PDF)

Session 11: No lecture notes

Lecture 12: The Foreign Language Effect: Thinking in a Foreign Tongue Reduces Decision Biases (PDF)

Lecture 13: Syntactic Priming (PDF - 1.4MB)

Lecture 14: Color Language (PDF)

Lecture 15: Language and Thought: Number (PDF - 3.6MB)

Lecture 16: Culture and Language: Recursion (PDF)