Weekly Exercises are due each Sunday night before class, by 6pm.

In sessions 6 and 12 students brought a printed copy of their essay draft to class and split into groups working with instructors.

session key dates
1: Introduction  
2: Empathy and Morality  
3: Rodent Models of Empathy  
4: Origins of Empathy and Prosociality Final Essay Proposal due
5: Psychopath and the Moral Brain  
6: Essay Planning  
7: Action Aversion Final Essay: Draft 1 and Reading Plan due
8: Learning, Change, Plasticity  
9: Parochialism and the Moral Circle  
10: Celebrating Intergroup Violence  
11: Guilty Minds  
12: Essay Planning Final Essay: Draft 2 due
13: Moral Variability  
14: The Good Self Final Essay due
15: Science and Morality