Course Meeting Times

Lectures: 1 session / week, 3 hours / session


The teaching of the evolutionary forces that created the brain is conspicuously lacking in most programs in brain and cognitive science. This course, featuring lectures, commentaries, and discussion by evolutionary-minded researchers in human and animal cognition, is meant to help fill that gap.

Content of the Class

Current research on the evolution and development of cognition and affect, including intuitive physics, biology, and psychology, language, emotions, sexuality, social relations.

Format of the Class

Papers on reserve the week before. Guest lecture, followed by commentary and discussion led by instructors and students.


  • Attendance
  • Readings
  • Presentation: commentary and discussion on one lecture and its associated readings
  • A short term paper on a topic approved by the instructors, due one week before end of term
  • There are also thought experiments on morality, and accompanying questions