In each class session, one student gives a presentation on an assigned paper.  The following table lists the assigned papers for each session.

1 Ion channels I None
2 Ion channels II Doyle, Declan A., J. M. Cabral, R. A. Pfuetzner, et al. "The Structure of the Potassium Channel: Molecular Basis of K+ Conduction and Selectivity." Science 280 (April 3, 1998): 69-77.
3 Receptors I Corey, David P., Jaime Garcia-Anoveros, Jeffrey R. Holt, et al. "TRPA1 is a Candidate for the Mechanosensitive Transduction Channel of Vertebrate Hair Cells." Nature 432 (December 9, 2004): 723-730.
4 Receptors II He, Li, Jamie Fong, Mark von Zastrow, and Jennifer L. Whistler. "Regulation of Opioid Receptor Trafficking and Morphine Tolerance by Receptor Oligomerization." Cell 108 (January 25, 2002): 271-282.
5 Introduction; basics of electrophysiology Mayer, Mark L., Gary L. Westbrook, and Peter B. Guthrie. "Voltage-dependent Block by Mg2+ of NMDA Responses in Spinal Cord Neurons." Nature 309 (May 17, 1984): 261-263.
6 Modulation of receptor activity Bibb, James A., Gretchen L. Snyder, Akinori Nishi, et al. "Phosphorylation of DARPP-32 by Cdk5 Modulates Dopamine Signaling in Neurons." Nature 402 (December 9, 1999): 669-671.
7 Protein targeting, signaling complexes Tsunoda, Susan, Jimena Sierralta, Yumei Sun, et al. "A Multivalent PDZ-domain Protein Assembles Signaling Complexes in a G-Protein-coupled Cascade." Nature 388 (July 17, 1997): 243-249.
8 Neuronal polarity / subcellular specialization Fivaz, Marc, Samuel Bandara, Takanari Inoue, and Tobias Meyer. "Robust Neuronal Symmetry Breaking by Ras-Triggered Local Positive Feedback." Nature 388 (July 17, 1997): 243-249.
9 Repertoire of neuron interactions Flames, Nuria, Jason E. Long, Alistair N. Garratt, et al. "Short- and Long-range Attraction of Cortical GABAergic Interneurons by Neuregulin-1." Neuron 44 (October 14, 2004): 251-261.
10 Neurogenesis Xie, Zhigang, et al. "Cep120 and TACCs Control Interkinetic Nuclear
Migration and the Neural Progenitor Pool." Neuron 56 (October 4, 2007): 79-93.
11 Presynaptic mechanisms Yoshihara, Motojiro, and J. Troy Littleton. "Synaptotagmin I Functions as a Calcium Sensor to Synchronize Neurotransmitter Release." Neuron 36 (December 5, 2002): 897-908.
12 Molecular manipulation of neural circuits

Callaway, Edward M. "A Molecular and Genetic Arsenal for Systems Neuroscience." TRENDS in Neurosciences 28, no. 4 (April 2005): 196-201.

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Tan, Elaine M., Yoshiaki Yamaguchi, Gregory D. Horwitz, et al. "Selective and Quickly Neurotechnique Reversible Inactivation of Mammalian Neurons In vivo Using the Drosophila Allatostatin Receptor." Neuron 51, no. 2 (July 20, 2006): 157-170.

13 Axon guidance Hedgecock, Edward M., Joseph G. Culotti, and David H. Hall. "The unc-5, unc-6, and unc-40 Genes Guide Circumferential Migrations of Pioneer Axons and Mesodermal Cells on the Epidermis in C. elegans." Neuron 4, no. 1 (January 1990): 61-85.
14 Synapse formation/elimination Kasthuri, Narayanan, and Jeff W. Lichtman. "The Role of Neuronal Identity in Synaptic Competition." Nature 424 (July 24, 2003): 426-430.
15 Trophic factors Zhang, Xiao-hui, and Mu-ming Poo. "Localized Synaptic Potentiation by BDNF Requires Local Protein Synthesis in the Developing Axon." Neuron 36, no. 4 (November 14, 2002): 675-688.
16 Postsynaptic mechanisms; LTP/LTD Shi, Song-Hai, Yasunori Hayashi, Jose A. Esteban, et al. "Subunit-Specific Rules Governing AMPA Receptor Trafficking to Synapses in Hippocampal Pyramidal Neurons." Cell 105, no. 3 (May 4, 2001): 331-343.
17 Waves and chemoaffinity McLaughlin, Todd, Christine L. Torborg, Marla B. Feller, et al. "Retinotopic Map Refinement Requires Spontaneous Retinal Waves during a Brief Critical Period of Development." Neuron 40, no. 6 (December 18, 2003): 1147–1160.
18 Two faces of GABA Gulledge, Allan T., and Greg J. Stuart. "Excitatory Actions of GABA in the Cortex." Neuron 37, no. 2 (January 23, 2003): 299-309.
19 Hodgkin and Huxley (lecture 1) Long, Stephen B., Xiao Tao, Ernest B. Campbell, and Roderick MacKinnon. "Atomic Structure of a Voltage-dependent K+ Channel in a Lipid Membrane-like Environment." Nature 450 (November 15, 2007).
20 Hodgkin and Huxley (lecture 2) Zagotta, William N., Toshinori Hoshi, and Richard W. Aldrich. "Restoration of Inactivation in Mutants of Shaker Potassium Channels by a Peptide Derived from ShB." Science 250, no. 4980 (October 26, 1990): 568-571.
21 Aplysia learning Lee, Seung-Hee, Chae-Seok Lim, Hyungju Park, et al. "Nuclear Translocation of CAM-Associated Protein Activates Transcription for Long-Term Facilitation in Aplysia." Cell 129, no. 4 (May 18, 2007): 801-812.
22 Drosophila learning Yu, Dinghui, Alex C. Keene, Anjana Srivatsan, et al. "Drosophila DPM Neurons Form a Delayed and Branch-Specific Memory Trace after Olfactory Classical Conditioning." Cell 123, no. 5 (December 2, 2005): 945-957.
23 Drosophila circadian rhythms Shafer, Orie T., Dong Jo Kim, Richard Dunbar-Yaffe, et al. "Widespread Receptivity to Neuropeptide PDF throughout the Neuronal Circadian Clock Network of Drosophila Revealed by Real-Time Cyclic AMP Imaging." Neuron 58, no. 2 (April 24, 2008): 223-237.
24 Epilepsy Khalilov, Ilgam, Gregory L. Holmes, and Yehezkel Ben-Ari. "In vitro formation of a Secondary Epileptogenic Mirror Focus by Interhippocampal Propagation of Seizures." Nature Neuroscience 6, no. 10 (October 2003): 1079-1085.