Guidelines for Presentations and Papers

In every class, all students will be responsible for a written summary of that day's research paper, and one student will be responsible for offering a presentation to lead a discussion on that paper. The main work for the course consists of coming to class having done the reading and prepared the summary.


  • Each student will be required to prepare a brief writeup (~1-2 pages) of each paper presented in class.
  • This should be prepared before the presentation and will be turned in at the end of each class.
  • The writeup should summarize the major issues addressed in the paper, the techniques used, and conclusions drawn.
  • It should also include a list of several questions and criticisms that could be used to direct discussion in class.
  • Be prepared to discuss.
  • Writeups will be graded and returned.


  • Use Powerpoint if possible.
  • Include these major headings in the presentation:
    • Purpose/Issues
    • Methods
    • Results
    • Conclusions
    • Criticisms
    • Further work
  • Keep it brief. (30 mins. max.)
  • Inform the TAs well ahead of time if you will not be using your own computer for the presentation and will require A/V support beyond an LCD projector.